Masculinity: Our Real Problem With Phil Robertson


duck dynasty

I wandered around the internet for several hours tonight looking at the fallout from Phil Robertson’s comments.  It was interesting.  I perused hundreds of tweets and Facebook comments, more than 50 blog posts on all sides of the issue, and my favorite, several hundred comments and replies to them all.  I was told that Phil said some “anti-gay stuff”.  And that he was a bigot.  And stuff.


In all the posts I read, I didn’t come across a single member of the gay community – or any LGBT member for that matter – that mentioned being offended.  There was a lot of – equally offensive – talk about being a “redneck”, “backwoods” is a popular one, “asshole”, “moron”, “dumbfuck” was a surprisingly popular one too.  But for being a “‘homophobic’ rant” I didn’t see a single “this offends me”, “I’m offended”, “I loved Phil till now…” et al.  Granted, I’m sure there are some out there, but for being so inflammatory, I at least couldn’t find a single one.


America doesn’t have a problem with Phil’s remarks.  America has a problem with Phil’s masculinity.

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